Crusoe, Is Our Hero, Weiner Dog Extraordinare

Crusoe, Is Our Hero, Weiner Dog Extraordinare

Crusoe Is Our Hero, Weiner Dog Extraordinare
Some of Crusoe's Adventures


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This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Written by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2018 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

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Crusoe, Is Our Hero, Weiner Dog Extraordinare

''Crusoe, Is Our Hero, Weiner Dog Extraordinare''

For all his fans, and doxie lovers, worldwide

Written By Daryl Stout

Note: You can find more on Crusoe here. He also has pages on Facebook and videos on YouTube (search for ''Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund'', and select the desired link). His slogan is ''Keep Ballin''' (he loves squeaky balls, as all dachshunds do), and he has been known to have been a boat captain, police officer (note the cup of coffee and donut on the hood of his police cruiser for the Weiner Dog Police Department, whose motto is ''To Squeak And Destroy''), vacationing tourist, Doberman (all dachshunds think they are), Minion, BatDog (and SpiderWeenie), Turkey Hunter, pilot and CEO of Weiner Airways, and more.

1) Crusoe is our hero, weiner dog extraordinare.
No matter where you look around, he surely has been there.
He may be short and black and tan, with those loving eyes.
The many things that can do, can be a big surprise.

2) In the winter time up north, he loves walks in the snow.
And even helping Santa Claus, where the gifts should go.
With many gifts that he does get, from his adoring fans,
He's more than just a weiner dog, with paws for his hands.

3) Whether wintertime, or springtime, there...he'll remove the snow.
Then help you dig the garden holes, where the plants should go.
He'll rescue people trapped in snow, as he loves to dig.
Unselfish, loving, caring, doxie...that is Crusoe's gig.

4) He also helps with cutting trees, as a lumberjack.
Never one to shirk a job, never to look back.
Even helps with Easter time, but with squeaky toys,
To all the dachshunds everywhere, every girl and boy.

5) Also hunting for his food, when he seeks big game.
Turkey is among the foods, that he loves to claim.
But besides the dog food there, people food a treat.
No matter what the time may be, to him, it's time to eat.

6) He even cooks some dishes grand, for the evening meal.
Preparing great Bruschetta dish; and probably, good veal.
With Crusoe, you can not go wrong, with meals he prepares.
Joining you at dinnertime, hoping that you'll share.

7) No matter what the time of year, sports games he will play.
Tennis, football, hockey, golf, whatever rules the day.
He'll win your heart for sure there, when you place him in your life.
He'll show you the way to relax, and end the daytime strife.

8) Cookies and bananas, and the squeaky toys, he craves.
Like dachshunds, he's not cowardly; he is strong and brave.
Fights crime as the Spider Weenie, dachshund law deployed.
Motto of his police department; to squeak and destroy.

9) He's also an adventurer, tracking down all things.
A squeaky ball, or outlaw there, whatever the day brings.
Star Wars Trooper, he will fight, keeps aliens away.
So dachshunds and their owners here, can safely live and play.

10) He even is a firefighter, Smokey would be proud.
Stopping all the firebugs, the siren there is loud.
On the truck, that Oakley drives, and Crusoe is the chief,
Stopping fires early on, that is a relief.

11) He's CEO of Weiner Airways, travel mode of choice.
He's attentive to all needs, of the weiner's voice.
He even figures taxes for the squeaky balls to buy,
Making sure that his supply, never will run dry.

12) He's talented with music too, on drums and instruments.
For when you give him what he wants, he will be content.
An artist, painter, boat captain, and bee keeper, too.
There's no end to what this dachshund, in his day, will do.

13) Even a professor, speaker, lecturer as well.
Protect yourself from fleas and ticks, and their evil spell.
Accomplished author of a book, best selling that it is.
Full of facts and stories on the dog that's such a whiz.

14) And, he's healthy, now recovered, from back surgery.
Now he moves like nothing's wrong, there for all to see.
Brushing teeth, a massage, and pawdicure, awaits.
He regrets that other dogs, don't have such good a fate.

15) None of this is possible, without his owners there.
Both Ryan and Laurence, both; show they really care.
Making all his costumes there, video filming, too.
It makes my day to search for him, the videos to view.

16) With tail wags of gratitude, in the doxie ranks.
All your fans around the world, show their love and thanks.
Though many dachshunds in the world, none other can compare,
With Crusoe there, our hero, weiner dog, extraordinaire.

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