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For those not familiar with this event, HAMMING IN THE PARK is a Field Day type event...in which everyone comes out to socialize and operate amateur radio. The event also serves as a show and tell for those that want to bring out new equipment or projects that they are working on. Note that everyone attending needs to bring their own commodities (food, non-alcoholic beverages, tables, chairs, equipment, etc.) as this is generally considered a ''bare bones tailgate operating event''.

Traditionally, there is also a ''Celebration Meal'' that takes place at a local eating establishment before the event... as well as after everything is packed up and the event is over.

All are welcome to come out, and please feel free to invite anyone else that you think might enjoy socializing and possibly operating. There are usually plenty of control operators available, so even those without a license should be able to operate. There are usually at least one or two HF rigs, and several VHF/UHF setups (in past events, there have even been computers for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) operation)...so there is usually a wide variety of bands and modes. Please feel free to bring out any equipment that you would like to operate...or show to others.

But, keep in mind that there may be NO ACCESS TO COMMERCIAL POWER...as this is a Field Day type of event, so generators or other power sources might be necessary for your particular setup. Also, some sites do NOT have restroom facilities, so bear this in mind. Plus, remember to bring sunscreen, and a hat, if necessary; as we do not plan on renting a pavilion for the events, but we will be hoping for a location with some shade.

The photos from left to right are the statement that ''when all else fails, amateur radio is still there''...and a photo of yours truly at his setup, next to a pickup truck, owned by another ham, with a ''cubical quad antenna'' in the back, next to small generators...as no commercial power was used during this operation. The photo was taken at a Hamming In The Park event in March, 2008, near the soccer fields, at Burns Park, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Photos from previous Hamming In The Park Events can be found here.

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Hamming In The Park Event

Any changes or cancellations will be posted to this page.

Photos from several events can be found here. Also, since we do operate outside, weather conditions are always a concern...and unfortunately, stormy weather may be in the forecast at times. For detailed weather for Arkansas, click here. For traffic and road conditions, plus construction zones, click here.

Prior to the event, the group usually gathers at the Western Sizzlin' in Jacksonville, Arkansas. It is on the west side of US 67/167, between Exits 10 and 11. They offer an All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet on weekends, and an All You Can Eat Lunch And Dinner Buffet daily. They open at 7am on weekends, and at 11am Monday through Friday. However, participants may not start showing up until around 9am.

A decision on the location for the Celebration Dinner afterwards, will be decided by those in attendance at the event.

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Hammin' In The Park Date And Directions

Thanks to everyone who attended our May 14, 2017 Hammin' In The Park Event. We could not have asked for better weather...and it was also the weekend for The Arkansas QSO Party. Unfortunately, health issues precluded the webmaster attending; sorry for any inconvenience.

We had a good spot on prime real estate at the park (thanks to KE5HEN and his son, for staking out a spot in the shade early).

In the beginning, we mainly had VHF equipment and shortwave radio receivers, but Pat Thomas (AE5NW) brought out his radio later, so that HF activity was also a part of the event. We even had several hams bring out, and demonstrate their DMR radios (which was pretty neat).

We got to speak with several visitors who did not have an amateur radio license that stopped by throughout the day, and we hope that they had the opportunity to learn a little about amateur radio, and the how useful it can be. Several people were taking photos, and we would appreciate it if everyone who did would send them to us at cabotnightflyers at yahoo dot com so we can post them to the website. Please give us all that you have to share, even if it takes numerous e-mails. We will give you credit for your photos in the photo summary area.

We would like to send a special thanks to each of the individuals who took the time out of their busy Saturday to come out to the park (even if they just stopped in briefly), as we thoroughly enjoyed getting to visit with each of you. Photos are posted here.

We enjoyed some of the best weather we have ever had for one of these events, and we are already working on plans for what we hope will be another event in the Fall (this will be a big one, as it will mark the 20th Official Hamming in the Park event).

In the meantime, we have another Nightflyers Net in the works, so get ready for another fun time with an interesting topic - as always, we will try to make future nets available for everyone to listen to through live streaming, and we will let everyone know about future nets via the e-mail list, website, and Facebook page.

We plan to have a talk-in on 147.570 MHz simplex, so once you get close they will be able to talk you in if you have any problems finding the location.

The Cabot Nightflyers will try to let everyone know about any changes, additional information, and/or cancellations but they will positively be posted to the Cabot Nightflyers e-mail list, Facebook, and the website.

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Hamming In The Park Poem

This poem is from the ''My Testimony -- To Soar With Jesus Collection''. Writtten by Daryl Stout. (C) Copyright 1989, 2019 by Daryl Stout. All Rights Reserved. Any abuse or unauthorized usage of this poetry will be dealt with at The Judgment Before Jesus Christ. The ''Soar With Jesus'' Eagle Design was created and designed by Dale Larison, and it is used by permission.

The following poem was created as part of a QSL certificate for a mini-Field Day event, called ''Hammin' In The Park''.

My original callsign of N5VLZ was granted Aug. 7, 1991. As of June 5, 2009, I was granted the vanity callsign of AE5WX. As of Dec. 27, 2012, I was granted the vanity callsign of WX1DER. And, as of March 22, 2019, I was granted the vamity callsign of WX4QZ.

Written by Daryl Stout, WX4QZ

1) Whether in the light of day...or even after dark.
This certifies a QSO with Hamming In The Park.
A special mini-Field Day, operation done...
With gathering of other hams, for fellowship and fun.

2) Whether RF or VoIP...the QSOs there used.
Our fascinating hobby...many modes to choose.
Morse Code, Phone, CQ100, or even Echolink;
Satellites, or ATV...more ways that you could think.

3) Local or around the world, in each and ever land...
Operators everywhere, proud to be a ham.
For in this great hobby...our fun there, never ends.
With every ham we contact, they are a new friend.

4) While we demonstrate our hobby, and with others share...
When All Else Fails...in disaster...Ham Radio is prepared.
And so with this contact...logged for all to see.
We extend our thanks to you...and best 73.

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