Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)

Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)

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This page details the Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) Sysop hobby that I have...further information is in the Webmaster Biography link. This page was last updated on June 6, 2018.

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The Thunderbolt BBS Links

  • BBS and Website Privacy Policy
  • The BBS Corner Dial-Up And Telnet BBS List
  • FTelnet Logon To The Thunderbolt BBS

    Note that if the FTelnet logon link does not work, the BBS may be offline for weather or other issues. For weather information for Arkansas, click here.

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    More BBS Links

  • The Sysop Of A BBS
  • What Is A BBS??
  • The 15 BBS Commandments
  • MTel Telnet Client (OS/2, and Windows 95 through XP)
  • PuTTY Telnet Client (Windows Vista and above)
  • The BBS Documentary
  • BBSFiles.Com Website -- Legacy BBS Doors To Download
  • Sunrise Doors and Sunrise Home Software By Al Lawrence
  • The Worldwide FIDONet BBS Network
  • Internet Rex Homepage
  • PC Micro BBS Archives
  • American Power Conversion Surge Protection
  • CA Internet Security Suite
  • Frisk Software (F-Prot) Computer Virus Protection
  • F-Secure Virus Hoax Information
  • McAfee Computer Virus Protection
  • McAfee Virus Hoax Information
  • Sophos Computer Virus Protection
  • CA Internet Security Suite
  • The Ol' Kunnel's Homepage
  • Virtual Advanced BBS Software Homepage
  • GT Power BBS Software Homepage
  • Synchronet BBS Software Homepage

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